PV Solar Systems In SA!

Accend Systems provide PV Solar Systems For domestic and Commercial Properties in Southern Africa. We are PV Greencard Certified for quality installations and peace of mind.

Home Solar

Sunor provides residential solar solutions that will decrease your monthly electricity bill drastically. Be the envy of your neighbourhood during loadshedding, as your house will be light up, with no disturbing generator noise in the background.

Commercial Solar

We are specialized in helping businesses to reduce their electric bill by generating their own electricity. With Eskom’s rate increases the ROI is very attractive. Solar PV is a wise investment that reduces your carbon footprint and is taxdeductable.

Back up Systems

Ensure uninterrupted power supply in Gauteng with reliable backup systems for power outages. These systems provide a seamless transition during electricity disruptions, safeguarding your home or business

Experience Uninterrupted Power with PV Solar Systems in South Africa.

Don't let power outages hinder productivity or comfort – invest in pv solar systems or backup systems tailored to your energy needs.

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PV Solar Systems and Back Up Systems In Your Locality

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